The association Egetmann


The Traminer Egetmann parade is probably one of the most famous carnival customs in Tyrol. Since many years it is organized by the association of Egetmann. The incorporated society was founded on 27 January 1969. So, a few years ago, on 27 January 2009, the 40th anniversary was celebrated. committee


Günter Bologna (chairman)

Richard Peer (vice chairman)

Maxi Maffei (treasurer)

Thomas Malojer (recording clerk)

Matthias Peer (archivist)

Michael Rinner (member committe)

Hannes Obermaier (member committe)

Kurt Maffei (member committe)

Mauro Sartoni (administration)

Christian Amplatz (member committe)

Diego Paizoni (member committe)

Martin Psenner (member committe)

Alex Dissertori (member committe)

Marian Waid (member committe)

Weis Manuel (member committe)

auf der Treppe der Gemeinde

um das Egetmann Standbild