Egetmann Pageant

In the South Tyrolean wine village Tramin has survived one of the strangest and oldest (since 1591) carnival customs of Tyrol: the Egetmann parade.



..., 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 ... only in odd-numbered years, always on Shrove Tuesday, the “Egetmannumzug” walks across Tramin. You didn’t want to wait? Here are some photos ...



You can see and hear the Egetmann, the Schnappviecher (snap critters) "Wuddelen" and the whole celebration of the wedding in our video section. Have fun looking ...


Egetmann Faq

(Frequently Asked Questions oder "oft gfrogte Frogn")

How and when may I come to see?

The Traminer Faschingsumzug "Egetmannumzug" takes place in every odd year on Shrove Tuesday. About half past one the parade will start at the fairground of Tramin. Led by the trumpeter and Ausschnöller, the Ausmesser and Wegmacher, the Schnappviecher and followed by the parade floats of the invited guests, the wedding carriages of Egetmann Hansl drive to the village square of Tramin.

A couple of years ago, a child Egetmannumzug has established in Tramin, so you may also visit the Egetmann on Shrove Tuesday in even years.

Description Egetmann parade

What shall I think about if I want to go to see the Egetmann parade?

Along the Egetmann parade everything is a bit "rough". Therefore, you should prepare accordingly also as a spectator. Old clothing, physical fitness and a strong mental condition you should definitely bring with you to enjoy the Traminer Faschingsumzug * g * To decide if you will join the parade, please watch the following video stream ...

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What’s about the fearsome "Dragons"?

The fearsome "Dragons" are no dragons, but Schnappviecher, by the inhabitants of Tramin also called Wuddelen. The word Schnappviech or Schnappvieh consists of "grab" and "cattle". So, when you visit the Traminer Fasnachtsumzug, you have to be careful that none of Schnappviecher snaps you up ...

Photos Schnappviecher & Egetmann

360° Virtual Reality Video

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Dive into the Egetmann parade!

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